Topic: Disaster

S3E11: Julia Turshen, Simply Julia

Every day, I’m making decisions that have a political and social impact: where I buy my ingredients, whose recipe I’m following, where I’m picking up my takeout from, who I’m inviting to my table. All of these decisions have political and social ramifications and taking advantage of that and being mindful of it is powerful.

Dave Smith, Californians for All

S3E08: Dave Smith, Californians for All

“The only way that we’re actually going to solve things is through collaboration and, in many cases, not worrying about who ultimately gets the credit.”

S3E5: Sally Holmes, Marie Claire

S3E05: Sally Holmes, Marie Claire

It’s so important to make sure that [diversity and inclusion] is not just the people that we’re putting on the covers or the subjects of the story, but also the people who are writing the story, doing the interviews, the photographers, the illustrators, the team that are helping put it together.

S3E4: Jerome Tennille, Marriott International

S3E04: Jerome Tennille, Marriott International

If we think of volunteering as a vote with your time, as civic engagement, then we must do more to make it equitable for everybody to participate. Just like we would in an election year when we’re trying to turn out the vote, we also have to create levels of access for other forms of civic engagement for communities of color.