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Skills for Cities Spring 2023: Cross-sector collaboration for social equity through skills-based volunteering in Texas

Common Impact’s signature day of service brings together social sector leaders and cross-company teams of skills-based volunteers to generate solutions to help nonprofits do more good in their communities. Join us virtually on April 20 at Skills for Cities Spring 2023, dedicated to building capacity for nonprofits in Texas.

April 20, 2023

Virtual by Zoom

No one player can solve the complex and intertwining issues that we face today. That’s why Common Impact’s Spring 2023 Skills for Cities is dedicated exclusively to nonprofits in Texas.

Our signature day of service empowers professionals across sectors to take meaningful action by aligning their talents and expertise for powerful nonprofit capacity building and community impact. On average, nonprofits spend only 2-8% of their budget on essential infrastructure like HR, finance, technology, strategy, and marketing, compared to the 20-30% that companies spend. Building out these core capacities is critical for nonprofits to deliver on their missions.

Creating Solutions

During this day of service, teams of skills-based volunteers from participating companies will bring what they are already good at – business strategy, financial modeling, digital marketing, HR management, operations planning, vendor selection – and join nonprofit leaders in climate justice and racial equity to reinforce the capacity of their organizations. Nonprofits will gain new insights and fresh thinking for some of their toughest challenges while volunteers will grow their professional skills and understanding of the nonprofit sector.

Working together, we can bring our individual strengths to bear on the common goal of building safer, stronger, and more equitable communities.

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Skills for Cities volunteers

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