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We envision a society in which all individuals and businesses invest their unique talents toward strengthening the local communities in which we live and work.

LET'S TALKTogether, we can make an impact.

Our Mission

Common Impact catalyzes a new, connected economy by aligning business and social purpose.

Common Impact is a nationally-recognized nonprofit that connects corporate employees to nonprofit organizations with proven models to tackle the greatest challenges our communities face. Founded in 2000, Common Impact has partnered with Fortune 500 companies and hundreds of the country’s leading nonprofit organizations to create this transformational change.

We break down barriers that exist between sectors and industries to create meaningful social impact partnerships between companies, social sector organizations and the people that drive them. The common purpose of these connections: to deliver real value to each partner through innovations in community engagement, and ultimately to address deeply rooted and complex social challenges.

We have a deep understanding of both mission-focused and business goals. Common Impact enables growing nonprofits to achieve even greater results in our communities while simultaneously engaging corporate employees in dynamic and challenging opportunities that develop their skills and unlock successful, purpose-driven careers.

Learn more about our strategic plan and focus on racial justice, crisis resiliency, and digital inclusion here.

Our Values

Service and Equity

We believe strongly in the power of service as a force for social justice and a more equitable society. When we activate our talents within the spirit of service, we create one of the most powerful mechanisms we have to effect lasting change.

Unlikely Partnerships

We believe that bringing together unlikely partners activates real change. By medling the unique skillsets and perspectives of individuals who would have otherwise never met, we unlock new, scalable ideas and solutions.


We are “strategic doers,” marrying blue-sky ambition with on-the-ground solutions that work. Decades of cross-sector experience and our learning mindset enable us to pursue purposeful innovation and pioneer new, deliberate solutions that scale social impact.


Though we take our work seriously, we believe that the best work is done when we sustain ourselves with humor, a healthy ambition for personal interests and good-natured optimism. The positivity that results pervades our interactions with each other, with our clients and with the wider community.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We are committed and accountable.

Common Impact is committed to anti-racism. Keeping this commitment – which is rooted in our core mission of alleviating inequality and inequity in our society – is an active part of the way we design our programs and build our internal culture. Our programs, partnerships, and communities exist within a culture dominated by white supremacy and defined by systemic racism. We unequivocally denounce both.

Creating the equitable and actively inclusive community we want to see requires daily action and ongoing learning and unlearning. We hold ourselves accountable to this commitment by regularly examining and realigning our strategy, operational and people policies, program models, and partnerships to reduce bias and increase equity.

We work against the ways in which volunteerism and skilled volunteerism can unintentionally reinforce inequity and unbalanced power dynamics between funders, the social sector, and the communities they serve. We recognize that formal volunteerism is a practice that is more accessible to white communities, due to the privilege embedded in the ability to volunteer unpaid time. At the same time, many of the social change organizations we support are led by and serve communities of color. We work actively to design and evolve our program approach to ensure that they are promoting skill sharing across the sectors, greater understanding of our societal ills, and how to solve them together.


An investment in Common Impact is an investment in stronger, more equitable communities. Your gift enables us to create and deliver high-impact capacity building programs for social good organizations.