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S3E11: Julia Turshen, Simply Julia

June 1, 2021 | 33 min listen

Every day, I’m making decisions that have a political and social impact: where I buy my ingredients, whose recipe I’m following, where I’m picking up my takeout from, who I’m inviting to my table. All of these decisions have political and social ramifications and taking advantage of that and being mindful of it is powerful.

Chef, cookbook author, and activist Julia Turshen operates at the intersection of food and social justice. Her highly acclaimed cookbooks share deeply personal and meaningful narratives on LGBTQIA+ representation, racial equity, body positivity, and more. Here, Julia talks about food insecurity and how the pandemic put the spotlight on systems that were already broken, plus what each of us can do to promote social justice and equity from our kitchens.

Learn more about Julia and her latest cookbook, Simply Julia, at juliaturshen.com and visit equityatthetable.com, her easy-to-navigate directory of women and gender non-conforming individuals in the food industry, focusing primarily on members of the LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC communities.