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Activating our network of skilled volunteers' expertise to tackle your nonprofit challenges

When nonprofit leaders and corporate professionals have a chance to work together to solve for capacity-building challenges, everyone wins. Nonprofits can deliver on their missions in new, expanded, or accelerated ways, corporate volunteers stretch their skills in a new context, and everyone gains from two-way learning and a fresh perspective. Skills-based volunteering unlocks community connections and change in powerful ways.


Capacity Commons

For organizations that want to leverage skilled volunteers to increase their capacity to do good and do it well.


Pro Bono Hotline

Just-in-time coaching and strategic guidance for social impact leaders facing new or sticky challenges.


Partner With Us

Interested in partnering with us for a skills-based project? Tell us more – we may have an opportunity that fits your needs.


Use skilled volunteers to increase your capacity to do good.

Capacity Commons

Capacity Commons is a one-stop shop for all your skills-based volunteering needs. You’ll be equipped with the information, tools, and network needed to: understand how pro bono can best support your organization, obtain skilled volunteer support, and maximize the immediate and long-term impact of your engagement.

Capacity Commons features a suite of resources to support your organization wherever you are in your pro bono journey.

  • Check Your Readiness – Receive an objective assessment of your organization’s readiness to leverage pro bono services, along with customized tips for preparing to work with skilled volunteers.
  • View Sample Projects – See common skills-based volunteer projects, along with peer-generated templates and examples.
  • Assess Your Project – Receive an objective assessment of the readiness of your proposed project, along with customized tips for positioning the project for maximum organizational impact.
  • Scope Your Project – Design a strong skills-based volunteer project through our guided scoping exercise.
  • Value Your Project – Calculate the monetary value of your proposed project to share with key stakeholders.
  • Find Your Volunteers – Learn where to find qualified skilled volunteers to meet your project needs.

Start your pro bono journey.


Unlock an hour of free expert advisory support.

Pro Bono Hotline: Advice from Experts

Common Impact has introduced just-in-time coaching and strategic guidance for social impact organizations facing sticky challenges, nonprofits responding to issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic, and racial justice organizations seeking to scale their work.

Corporate professionals skilled in areas like risk management, operations realignment, crisis communications, and IT planning provide quick, strategic support to social sector organizations through a virtual “hotline” curated by Common Impact.

When time is at a premium for both volunteers and nonprofits, the hotline offers rapid response support for crisis situations or a quick injection of advice for capacity-strapped organizations.

Share your interest in hotline support.


Let us know about your organization’s capacity-building needs.

Want to partner with us?

We plan hundreds of skills-based volunteer engagements each year, working with nonprofit organizations from across the country who share our values of alleviating inequality and building more equitable communities.

If your organization has a capacity-building need, please tell us more. If we have an opportunity – now or in the future – that could be a fit , we’ll get in touch.

Tell us about your potential project.

Nonprofit Success Stories

success stories

East Boston Social Centers Leverages Skills-Based Volunteers from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts to Promote Mental Health during COVID-19

As COVID-19 cases continue to climb across the country, many Americans are experiencing a mental health crisis too, especially healthcare and frontline workers. At East Boston Social Centers (the Social Centers), a nonprofit that provides afterschool programming, childcare, nutrition, and activities for the elderly, the staff…

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