On the Blog: Pro Bono Week Generates $500,000 in Skills-Based Volunteering for Nonprofits

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Prioritizing Mental Health: How Companies Can Support Employees During Economic Uncertainty

To support employees during economic downturns, companies are using strategies like employee assistance programs (EAPs) and engagement initiatives such as skills-based volunteering, alongside stress management resources and transparent communication, to foster a resilient and inclusive workplace culture.


Nonprofit Leadership Spotlight: Binka Le Breton, Iracambi Rainforest Research and Conservation 

Common Impact highlights outstanding leaders at the forefront of climate action and sustainability. Today we hear from Binka Le Breton, an award-winning author, environmentalist, and activist. Binka lives in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest, where she co-directs Iracambi Research Center and serves as an International Leason.…

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