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S3E04: Jerome Tennille, Marriott International

February 23, 2021 | 40 min listen

If we think of volunteering as a vote with your time, as civic engagement, then we must do more to make it equitable for everybody to participate. Just like we would in an election year when we’re trying to turn out the vote, we also have to create levels of access for other forms of civic engagement for communities of color.

Jerome Tennille, Manager of Social Impact & Volunteerism at Marriott International, joins host Danielle Holly for a dynamic conversation on the state of volunteering and employee engagement. Jerome shares how Marriott, a major figure in the hospitality industry that was hit so hard by COVID-19, has reimagined service for the current moment by taking it online, but also his perspective that the future of volunteering is not virtual.

From his viewpoint as the leader of his own social impact consultancy, Jerome shares powerful insights on the need for greater diversity and equity in the nonprofit sector at the professional, leadership, and volunteer levels. Plus, he addresses systemic power imbalances between companies and the nonprofits they volunteer with and how we can right them.

To learn more about Jerome’s work, visit marriott.com/marriott/aboutmarriott.mi and jerometennille.com.

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