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Pro Bono Perspectives Rewind: Summer 2021

By Emily Patrick | September 15, 2021

Episode 39: Celebrating a Year of Social Impact Conversations

Catch up on the latest Pro Bono Perspectives podcast episodes from Summer 2021! Hear host Danielle Holly’s conversations with incredible cross-sector leaders across volunteerism, philanthropy, CSR, DEI, racial justice, LGBTQIA+ issues, and more.

“Reflecting on Service 20 Years After 9/11” with Gary Bagley, New York Cares
In the days leading up to the 20th anniversary of 9/11, host Danielle Holly and New York Cares Executive Director Gary Bagley ruminate on how era-defining moments from the 9/11 attacks to the current pandemic bring on new waves of service and activism. Plus, hear them talk about food insecurity during COVID-19, how to take meaningful action on DEI as white nonprofit leaders, and why corporate service programs yield stronger business results when they (somewhat counterintuitively) focus on nonprofit and community needs first.

“The Lost Art of Connecting” with Susan McPherson, McPherson Strategies
Social impact expert Susan McPherson shares her signature strategy for meaningful networking and lasting business relationships, the impact of the Great Resignation on CSR, and why we need to keep encouraging companies to take action on environmental and social issues, even when they don’t move as quickly as we’d like to see.

“Leadership in Times of Crisis & Recovery” with Dr. Stephanie Royal, Robin Hood Foundation
Robin Hood Foundation’s Chief People Officer Dr. Stephanie Royal shares how New York City’s largest poverty fighting organization is leading with compassion and a community-first approach. Listen to her takes on nonprofit talent management in the COVID-19 era, the K-shaped recovery, and effective DEI.

Practicing Equitable Philanthropy” with Dr. Rahsaan Harris, Citizens Committee for New York City
CitizensNYC CEO Dr. Rahsaan Harris reveals what it was like to assume his position right as the pandemic sent us into lockdown, how the micro-funding organization has driven meaningful change during this time, and why he believes many new customs of philanthropy and work culture need to stick.

“Holding Companies Accountable on Racial Equity” with Yusuf George, JUST Capital
Gain insights into JUST Capital’s Corporate Racial Equity Tracker and its CEO Blueprint for Racial Equity and learn why Yusuf George believes pay equity is one of the most important elements of any effective corporate racial equity strategy. Plus, Yusuf and Danielle discuss the need to shed short-termism in DEI work, push past discomfort, and embrace transparency and accountability.

“Cutting-Edge Technology in Support of LGBTQ+ Youth” with Lena Ballantine, The Trevor Project, and Jen Carter, Google.org
Skills-based volunteering partners The Trevor Project and Google.org discuss how they leveraged cutting-edge AI technology to better equip volunteers to support LGBTQIA+ youth during a mental crisis. Listen as they share best practices for successful pro bono partnerships and the impact of their own project.

“Feeding a Culture of Equity and Inclusion” with Julia Turshen, Chef & Cookbook Author
Acclaimed chef and cookbook author Julia Turshen explores the topics of social justice, racial equity, and LGBTQIA+ representation through the lens of food. Hear her talk about food insecurity during the pandemic and how we can all promote equity from our kitchens.

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