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S3E14: Dr. Rahsaan Harris, Citizens Committee for New York City

July 13, 2021 | 40 min listen

We cannot unsee what we saw [during the pandemic]. We can’t just paper over differences and do things that feel good because that’s what’s most comfortable. We need to be uncomfortable in a way that gives us urgency to impact folks [who] are caught in these disparities.

Join us for a conversation with Dr. Rahsaan Harris, CEO of Citizens Committee for NYC (CitizensNYC), a micro-funding organization that provides support to community leaders on the front lines of change in their own neighborhoods. Hear what it was like for Rahsaan to assume his position as CEO in March 2020 right as New York went into lockdown, how he drove meaningful change during the pandemic, and why he believes many elements of pandemic era philanthropy and work culture should remain in place.

Visit citizensnyc.org to learn more about Dr. Rahsaan Harris and micro-grants for neighborhoods, nonprofits, and small businesses.