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S3E17: Susan McPherson, McPherson Strategies

August 24, 2021 | 39 min listen

I’m careful not to hold companies to too high a standard because it takes time for [them] to actually move. They’re cruise ships, not row boats… We have to do everything we can to encourage these companies to do more.

CSR and social impact expert Susan McPherson talks about her new book, The Lost Art of Connecting, and signature “gather, ask, do,” method for meaningful networking and lasting business relationships. She and host Danielle Holly discuss the Great Resignation and how employees having more power will democratize companies’ approaches to CSR. Plus, Susan explains why even though companies are not moving as quickly as they need to on social and environmental issues, we should be encouraging – not disparaging – those that are making efforts to deliver on their goals.

For more on Susan’s work, visit mcpstrategies.com.