Topic: Team Building

Episode 14: Daniel Horgan

S1E14: Daniel Horgan, MENTOR

Now that I’ve worked in different sectors, I feel like I can play the role of helping to translate between the sectors…anything we are doing in the philanthropic space needs to be aligned to a business goal.

S1E13: Krista Canellakis, City of San Francisco

The really exciting part of working in government is that we want people to steal our ideas. I love meeting with public servants in other cities to see how our work can be shared or replicated.

Episode 12: Whitney Hampton

S1E12: Whitney Hampton, Gap Foundation

When I look back, the biggest theme running through my work is looking for opportunities where what I am doing is creating an environment for others to identify what they really care about so that they can give back.

Episode 27: Kathleen LaValle

S1E10: Kathleen LaValle, Dallas CASA

[Skills-based volunteering] has really allowed us to move forward in ways I didn’t dream possible. I’ll say particularly in areas related to technology… It has been essential in where we are currently at in our history.

Episode 32: Rachel Hutchisson

S1E06: Rachel Hutchisson, Blackbaud

Later, looking back I realized I was kind of raised to be aware of the environment, sustainability, volunteerism, giving your skills – that philanthropy is something that really is for everyone. I didn’t realize that was the path until I was able to look back on it.

S1E05: Harriet Harral, Leadership Fort Worth

I am so grateful that I have had the opportunity to live in different parts of the country because it has one: demonstrated clearly what good people there across all of the regions of this country and two: because I get to learn from different perspectives.