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S1E12: Whitney Hampton, Gap Foundation

January 22, 2019 | 36 min listen

When I look back, the biggest theme running through my work is looking for opportunities where what I am doing is creating an environment for others to identify what they really care about so that they can give back.

We are so excited to welcome Whitney Hampton, Senior Manager at Gap Foundation, to Pro Bono Perspectives to share her cross-sector journey! In her day-to-day role, Whitney manages Gap Inc’s employee engagement programs. Whitney has a career that spans the nonprofit, public, and private sectors starting her career at the nonprofit organization KaBoom! Whitney brings a unique cross-sector perspective to this conversation and is particularly excited about ways in which businesses and nonprofits can work together to create social change.

Interested in learning more about the Gap Foundation’s initiatives? Check out their 2018 year in review!

Episode 12: Whitney Hampton