Topic: Innovation

Episode 32: Rachel Hutchisson

S1E06: Rachel Hutchisson, Blackbaud

Later, looking back I realized I was kind of raised to be aware of the environment, sustainability, volunteerism, giving your skills – that philanthropy is something that really is for everyone. I didn’t realize that was the path until I was able to look back on it.

Episode 4: Dave Armon

S1E04: Dave Armon, 3BL Media

That’s the stuff that inspires me. It’s the people around me who have had challenges, who have persevered, who are purpose-driven and don’t give up.

Episode 3 - Emily McCann

S1E03 – Emily McCann, Citizen Schools

I think folks have also realized when we talk about the way people learn it’s through hands-on real-world experiences and that is true of children, it’s also true of adults.