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S1E03 – Emily McCann, Citizen Schools

September 18, 2018 | 36 min listen

I think folks have also realized when we talk about the way people learn it's through hands-on real-world experiences and that is true of children, it's also true of adults.

We are thrilled to welcome Emily McCann, CEO of Citizen Schools to Pro Bono Perspectives. For those of you in the nonprofit sector, you likely know Citizen Schools, a national education nonprofit that works primarily in low-income communities that need additional support and resources. Citizen Schools provides middle-school students with after-school programming that supports academic achievement in core subjects like English, Language, Arts and Mathematics while building important 21st Century and Social-Emotional skills through real-world learning experiences. Citizen Schools currently operates in 25 communities serving nearly 80,000 students annually. The organization is frequently cited as a leader in mentorship, extended day learning, and youth development. Emily has been CEO of since 2016, though has been with the organization for 13 years! Beyond that, she continues her civic engagement by sitting on several national nonprofit boards.

Common Impact has had the pleasure of partnering with Citizen Schools on multiple occasions to use pro bono to upgrade their own technology infrastructure with the end goal of optimizing the experience and efficacy of their staff, volunteers and students.

Interested in getting involved with Citizen Schools? Their team is actively looking for volunteers to join their fall apprenticeships in Boston, New York, San Jose and Oakland. Learn more and sign-up here!

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