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S3E10: Caroline Barlerin, Platypus Advisors

May 18, 2021 | 40 min listen

Is rising inequality an inevitable consequence of today’s technology-driven economic transformations? No, but we do need to challenge the status quo to really take a pause and reflect on where we are and what we can do, and it does require top-down and bottom-up voices to make it happen.

Controversy over the tech sector’s role in society, democracy, and philanthropy has been making headlines for years. Recently, some tech companies have leaned into these areas even further while others have made statements that they are specifically staying out of political and social issues. In this episode, get a frontline perspective from Platypus Advisors Founder Caroline Barlerin, a leader in CSR and skills-based volunteering with experience at companies like Twitter, Eventbrite, and HP.

Caroline and host Danielle Holly discuss the changing nature of tech CSR through the lens of systemic inequity, diversity, and evolving approaches to philanthropy, especially amongst billionaires. Hear their thoughts on how skills-based volunteering and “platypus professionals,” those who span both business and social impact, will be some of the biggest drivers of meaningful social change in the years to come.

Visit platypusadvisors.com to learn more about Caroline and her work.