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Leila Saad

Chief Executive Officer


There is a new spirit of social justice engagement and activism in the air -– in justifiable reaction to so much longstanding injustice and inequality. With that comes renewed potential for people from all parts of society to come together to address today's biggest challenges, and in collaboration, to create greater impact. Inspired by this energy and enthusiasm, I commit myself to amplifying that positive momentum.

Leila Saad is a social impact professional who is passionate about the potential for cross-sector collaborations to act as a force for good in the world. Leila was formerly the Executive Director of PILnet, a global organization that partners with law firms and companies to provide pro bono legal support to nonprofit organizations working to create more just, equitable, and sustainable societies. Leila first served as Director of Strategic Engagement, then Deputy Director at PILnet before assuming the role of Executive Director.

Prior to joining PILnet, Leila was a non-profit consultant for many years, supporting the strategy and development work of global human rights and access to justice organizations. Previously, Leila worked at the JEHT Foundation, where she helped to found and run grantmaking portfolio to support organizations working to challenge U.S. exceptionalism to international law and legal mechanisms.

She is a graduate of the Harvard Kennedy School, where she studied international political economy, and the University of Massachusetts Boston, where she studied art history.