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Silvia Chilel Martin

Marketing Marketer


As someone who loves to explore different cultures’ philosophies and practices, I value the wisdom and power people have collectively. An active digital presence has the power to connect people, build community, and merge business and social impact at a much greater scale.

Silvia Chilel Martin is an impact-driven marketing practitioner, content creator, and writer. With over two years in the communication, education, and digital space, her strengths lie in communications and community building. 

Before joining Common Impact, Silvia was a freelance writer and video editor. Her work included writing SEO blog posts, podcast scripting, book design, ghostwriting, and market research. Before freelance, Silvia worked in marketing, sales, and elementary education. She uses social media to advocate for mental health and holistic living practices via her artwork. 

Her involvement with the Lafayette College farm and sustainability, non-profit volunteering, and women and gender studies via her major paved the path for her to pursue digital marketing as a medium to drive positive social impact.

Silvia is a proud Guatemalan immigrant who loves to explore eastern and indigenous philosophy, culture, and food. She resides in Queens, and you can find her exploring new restaurants with friends and family.