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Ankita Callahan

Resource Management Analyst


I believe that focusing on those that do the work to create impact is equally as important as the impact they create. I am passionate about designing people-related practices with intentionality—taking the time to understand individual differences and crafting environments that allow those individuals to come together as successful teams.

Ankita Callahan co-founded Two Shoes, a consultancy duo focused on optimizing talent and operations through business psychology and human-centered design solutions. With a strong foundation in organizational psychology and resource management, Ankita has sparked transformative changes in team cultures at esteemed companies like Huge, The Atlantic, and Long Dash. Notably, at Long Dash, as VP of Talent & Culture, she led cultural shifts during the company’s spin-off from The Atlantic, driving impactful talent strategies.

Ankita joins Common Impact to consult on resource management best practices. She’s passionate about using workforce intelligence planning to improve employees’ experiences and grow businesses. Ankita’s consultancy approach is underscored by a deep understanding of individual nuances and team dynamics, effectively cultivating active engagement and high-performance teams.

Ankita earned an MS in Organizational Psychology & Business from Aston Business School and a BA in Psychology from UC Irvine. Presently, she is pursuing a PhD in Business Psychology at The Chicago School, specializing in Consulting.