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Skills-Based Volunteering in Action: Day of Service

It is really powerful to be able to use our skills to maximize our impact on the organizations that we volunteer with.

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Day of Service - Full-scale program management of a skills-based day, week, or month of service.

A year after COVID-19 first hit the U.S., nonprofits were ready to return to the promising capacity building projects they had to put on hold during the worst of the pandemic. At the same time, companies were seeking creative ways to boost collaboration amongst employees who had been working apart from their colleagues for an unprecedented stretch of time.

With these needs in mind and Global Volunteer Month approaching, AIG Life & Retirement partnered with Common Impact to design a high-impact virtual day of skills-based volunteering that would bridge its team building goals and desire to support community organizations.

Said one nonprofit partner, “I was impressed by the diversity of knowledge that came into our session and helped our wheels spin. AIG brought a perspective that we hadn’t thought about before. THANK YOU.”

Read the case study to learn how the six-hour day of service engaged 38 employees to provide $61K in pro bono services to five nonprofits from across the country.