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Championing Financial Literacy through Skills-Based Service during a Pandemic

The team from Schwab was incredibly thoughtful, helpful, and collaborative. They really listened to what we needed and made a customized tool benefiting from their experience that would work for our organization.

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Day of Service - Full-scale program management of a skills-based day, week, or month of service.

Case Study: Charles Schwab Pro Bono Challenge 2020

The annual Charles Schwab Pro Bono Challenge is a day of skills-based service designed to tap into Schwabbies’ professional expertise to build nonprofit capacity and create long-term community impact. In 2020, the traditional one-day flash consulting event went fully virtual and was expanded into three week-long consulting projects in order to better support the increased needs of nonprofits and communities during COVID-19.

Read the case study to learn how 392 Charles Schwab volunteers from nine regions – Austin, Chicago, Denver, Indianapolis, Orlando, Phoenix, Richfield (OH), San Francisco, and Dallas – collaborated with 65 nonprofits to address their urgent strategy and operations challenges and achieve their goals amidst the pandemic.

The Pro Bono Challenge delivered $749,000 in social return on investment.