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Racial Equity Practices that Move the Needle Forward

By Common Impact | February 28, 2023

Leaders in the social sector and corporate social responsibility space must lead by example, set the standard for addressing discrimination, and encourage inclusion in the workplace.

Acknowledging and celebrating diverse racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds is a good start, but most importantly, continue strengthening DEI practices.  

Embrace Multiculturalism  

Overcoming prejudice by ignoring race is an ineffective strategy that perpetuates bias and increases underrepresented employees’ perception of discrimination, ultimately reducing workplace engagement. Make it a company-wide effort to embrace multiculturalism.  Multiculturalism allows employees and leaders to play a role in inclusion efforts.

Show your employees you are committed to making the workplace safe for all identities and backgrounds by holding diversity training, bringing in diverse speakers, and elevating their feedback. The intention behind all efforts should be to facilitate experiences and conversations where respect is the guiding principle. Access more tips and resources:    

Facilitate Accension and Invest in the Future   

Despite elaborate DEI and CSR plans and strategies, Black and Brown workers are disproportionately left out of promotion opportunities and experience the effects of economic uncertainty and pay disparities. Make it a conscious practice to question: Is my company following through with its diversity and inclusion strategies? Are we tracking our DEI effort, and what is the data showing? Who can help us improve and see our blind spots? Where can we invest in our BIPOC employees?    

Because racial biases and discrimination are unconsciously (and consciously) embedded in the history and fabric of our society, business leaders, HR, and CSR professionals must create paths that support the career development of their diverse BIPOC employees. Being curious about what your employees seek from an employer will inspire you on what policies, programs, and strategies are most likely to be effective.  Access more tips and resources:   

Mission Driven Engagement    

Breaking down barriers requires taking responsibility, taking risks, and embracing change. At Common Impact, we aim to support your social impact, employee engagement, and talent development goals through customizable corporate services. Skills-based volunteering checks all the boxes.   

Consider how your company can engage in meaningful social impact partnerships with social sector organizations year-round by mobilizing your employees towards one common purpose. Skilled volunteering connects employees through innovation, community engagement, and addressing complex social challenges. Your company can enable growing nonprofits to achieve even greater results in our communities. Learn more about skills-based volunteering.