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S1E33 ENCORE: Amy Smith, TOMS

October 22, 2019 | 32 min listen

Entering humbly, surrounding ourselves with the experts, learning as much as we can and then putting our money where our mouth is, are those fundamental things that I think can apply to natural disasters, that can apply to manmade disasters, that can apply to issues where you’re taking a stand.

In this Pro Bono Week bonus episode, we revisit Danielle Holly’s interview with TOMS Chief Giving Officer Amy Smith. TOMS, the shoe company that pioneered the one-for-one giving model, has always been a purpose-driven business. Last year, the brand decided to take an active stand against gun violence following the Thousand Oaks shooting. Amy shares how TOMS approached this new version of corporate activism and the framework the brand eventually developed for taking on complex social issues.

To learn more about TOMS’s gun violence prevention work, giving programs and other CSR initiatives, visit https://stories.toms.com.

Addressing Complex Social Issues through Corporate Activism