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S1E32 ENCORE: Rachel Hutchisson, Blackbaud

October 15, 2019 | 31 min listen

Philanthropy is something that really is for everyone. I didn’t realize that was the path until I was able to look back on it.

In celebration of bbcon 2019 this week, Pro Bono Perspectives is revisiting host Danielle Holly’s conversation with Blackbaud Vice President of Corporate Citizenship and Philanthropy Rachel Hutchisson. Rachel is driven by the idea that “good is for everyone,” a philosophy she brings to life through her work leading Blackbaud’s global CSR efforts. Rachel engages the company’s 3,300 associates in service projects where they donate their time, talents and expertise to build a better world.

To learn more about Blackbaud and its philanthropic initiatives, visit https://www.blackbaud.com/company/build-a-better-world.

Episode 32: Rachel Hutchisson