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S3E21: Melissa Madzel, Koya Partners

October 19, 2021 | 31 min listen

When I started my career, people weren’t talking about diversity, equity, and inclusion. I just knew that I always felt different. As I continued through different chapters of my career, I became more and more focused on how to make other people feel less different in their work so that they can just show up and do what needs to be done. We have too many important causes for that feeling of difference to hold people back from realizing their skills and their talents.

Nearly two-thirds of workers are considering leaving their jobs. As the Great Resignation continues with no signs of slowing down, we explore the challenges and opportunities it brings for the nonprofit sector, which was already under significant capacity constraints exacerbated by the pandemic, especially in HR and talent development.

Host Danielle Holly speaks with Melissa Madzel, Managing Director, Equity Initiatives, at Koya Partners about nonprofit turnover and retention, disruptions to the way we work, and how the growing focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is changing hiring practices and the way individuals from historically underrepresented backgrounds search for new roles.

Koya Partners is a mission-driven executive search and strategic advising firm that connects exceptionally talented people with high-impact organizations. Visit koyapartners.com to learn about their services and read Melissa’s article “Nonprofit Job Hunting as a Person of Color.”