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S2E14: Lacy Caruthers, Google.org

June 23, 2020 | 31 min listen

Leaning heavily into the unique skill sets and interests of your employees, thinking about where that can be deployed and applied to have the greatest impact, and staying true to your core competencies and mission as a company is really important.

Google.org Director of Global Employee Programs Lacy Caruthers joins Danielle Holly to share how her organization leverages funding, technology, products and expertise to support under-served communities and solve humanity’s biggest challenges.

In the wake of recent injustices against Black Americans and the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, Google.org has stepped up its already impressive philanthropy work, committing tens of millions of dollars in additional funding to racial justice and equity organizations and to COVID-19 aid.

Google.org has also committed 50,000 pro bono hours to nonprofit and civic partners addressing issues across health and science, economic relief and recovery and the digital divide in education. Many of these pro bono hours will be completed via Google.org’s fellowship program, which grants employees the opportunity to work full-time with nonprofit and civic partners for up to six months.

To learn more about Lacy’s work using technology and employees’ skills to affect social change, visit Google.org.

S2E14: Lacy Caruthers, Google.org