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S2E15: Derrick Feldmann, Ad Council Edge & INFLUENCE|SG

July 7, 2020 | 39 min listen

You don’t have to have the leading voice on a social issue. Just being at the table and having your brand be present goes a long way.

Derrick Feldmann, Managing Director of Ad Council Edge and INFLUENCE|SG, has devoted his career to unpacking why and how young people choose to engage with social issues, as well as how the topics they care about influence companies’ CSR and marketing strategies.

Listen as he and host Danielle Holly discuss what’s in store for brand engagement in social issues in the context of COVID-19 and how to tell when a company is authentically supporting a cause versus what’s just “good marketing.”

To learn more about Derrick’s work, visit adcouncil.org/the-edge or causeandsocialinfluence.com where you’ll find data on youth activism, including a three-part research series on young Americans’ actions related to COVID-19. Look out for Derrick’s brand-new book, The Corporate Social Mind, out now!

S2E15: Derrick Feldmann, Ad Council Edge & INFLUENCE|SG