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S1E28: Gary Bagley, New York Cares

August 20, 2019 | 25 min listen

I enjoy enabling others to fully engage in their talent and their skills… and really mobilizing people [on] an issue… I love letting everybody else shine in a way that is good for them and their audience, whoever that may be.

Host Danielle Holly speaks with fellow local change-maker Gary Bagley, Executive Director of New York Cares, an organization that provides New Yorkers opportunities to give back to the community by supporting local schools and nonprofits. New York Cares recognizes that logistical difficulties like long commute times, a lack of accessible transportation and language barriers can be a barrier to volunteerism, so the organization works to lessen these obstacles by providing a wide variety of projects encompassing different service types, geographic areas, languages and time commitments.

Likewise, nonprofits can have difficulty recruiting and maintaining volunteers as a result of capacity challenges stemming from limitations on how much they are able to invest in operations. Gary and Danielle discuss how skills-based volunteering can make an enormous difference for nonprofits, helping them build strong human resources and project management practices and, ultimately, empowering them to carry out their missions more successfully.

To learn more about New York Cares, visit https://www.newyorkcares.org.

Episode 28: Gary Bagley