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S3E5: Sally Holmes, Marie Claire

Editor-in-Chief, Marie Claire
Mar 9, 2021

Marie Claire is the global women’s leadership brand that connects confident, influential, and successful women. Fueling her discovery of fashion, beauty and career, and delivering the social conscious journalism she loves, Marie Claire is authentically committed to celebrating the richness and scope of women’s lives.

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It’s so important to make sure that [diversity and inclusion] is not just the people that we’re putting on the covers or the subjects of the story, but also the people who are writing the story, doing the interviews, the photographers, the illustrators, the team that are helping put it together.

Marie Claire Editor-in-Chief Sally Holmes joins host Danielle Holly for a peek behind the scenes at the iconic brand, including insights into the new topics and editorial direction they’re taking on and a closer look at some of the powerful women making headlines in the US and around the world. Sally shares her take on Marie Claire’s role in progressing diversity, equity, civic engagement, and a transformation of the publishing industry, as well as her commitment to engaging and inspiring the next generation of leaders.

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