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S2E27: Reflections on a Challenging, Clarifying, Transformative Year

Dec 21, 2020

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There’s been an intense focus on getting back to normal, but what this year and our Pro Bono Perspectives guests have highlighted is that normal is not okay and we don’t want to go back there. That to me is the light that is shining through the cracks: we are coming out of 2020 with a new and clear mandate for social and racial justice and a renewed sense of purpose.

“There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.” Leonard Cohen’s famous words were a source of comfort for host Danielle Holly – and many of us in the social impact field – during this difficult year. In our Season 2 finale, Danielle reflects on the challenging moments we lived through, from COVID-19 to a divisive election to the brutal murders of Black Americans and racial justice reckoning that followed. Danielle highlights some of the most moving experiences and advice our guests shared in 2020 and why she is optimistic for the new year, one that we hope sees more resilient, equitable, and connected communities than ever before.

Featured in this episode are clips from episodes with Natalye Paquin, Points of Light; Ngozi Okaro, Custom Collaborative; Tom Crohan, John Hancock; Chris Tyson, Build Baton Rouge; Edgar Villanueva, Schott Foundation; and Gregg Betheil, PENCIL.