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S2E21: Ngozi Okaro, Custom Collaborative

Executive Director, Custom Collaborative
Sep 29, 2020

Custom Collaborative is a New York City-based entrepreneurship and workforce development program that trains and supports women from low-income and immigrant communities to launch fashion careers and businesses.

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We're really excited that we have been able to create an ecosystem of women working in sustainable fashion and becoming leaders in their community and in developing a sisterhood that they direct.

Custom Collaborative Executive Director Ngozi Okaro joins Danielle Holly to discuss nonprofit management during times of crisis. Earlier this year when COVID-19 first hit New York, Custom Collaborative, a workforce development nonprofit that prepares women from immigrant and low-income communities for careers in fashion, partnered with Common Impact and S&P Global for a skills-based volunteering project. Ngozi tells the story of this collaboration, how she made the time and space to focus on capacity-building, and how Custom Collaborative successfully pivoted its fashion industry trainings and career readiness programs to virtual when the pandemic began.

To learn more, visit customcollaborative.org.