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S2E22: Wendy John, Fidelity Investments

October 13, 2020 | 26 min listen

What we’ve seen certainly in 2020 is that there has been a need for us to really open the door to these courageous conversations and talk about some of the challenges that we’re all facing, and for managers and leaders to be more vulnerable and to listen more.

Wendy John, the new Head of Global Diversity & Inclusion at Fidelity Investments, joins host Danielle Holly to discuss the rapid growth in corporate DEI positions in the past several years and the added urgency these programs have taken on in 2020.

Wendy explains why DEI is a necessity – not a “nice to have,” the challenges and opportunities her work presents, and the ways in which Fidelity has enhanced its social impact work, like expanding its Impact Week skills-based volunteering initiative and dedicating it to supporting racial justice and BIPOC-led nonprofits.

Wendy also reflects on the 10th anniversary of Fidelity’s Aspire employee resource group (ERG) for Black and Latinx employees and how the company created an environment that fostered it to grow from a group of just 50 to 5,000 strong.

To learn more about Fidelity, its DEI work, and Impact Week, visit fidelity.com.

S2E22: Wendy John, Fidelity Investments