Capacity Commons

Using Skilled Volunteers to Increase Nonprofit Capacity

Capacity Commons, Using Skilled Volunteers to Increase Nonprofit Capacity

The social sector forms the backbone of our communities, providing the education, care and social and civil services that enable us to lead healthy, prosperous and just lives. The sector spends the majority of its dollars and time bringing these services to life, leaving precious little resources to dedicate to the core business functions that enable organizations to streamline, scale and innovate.

Skills-based volunteerism offers the social sector a transformative resource: external expertise that strengthens its capacity to serve our communities.

Capacity Commons is your one-stop shop for skills-based volunteerism. There, you’ll be equipped with the information, tools and network needed to understand how pro bono resources can best support your organization, to obtain skilled volunteer support and to maximize the immediate and long-term impact of your engagement.

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