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How Your Company Can Take Climate Action Now

By Common Impact | July 28, 2022

World Nature Conservation Day Amidst Environmental Disasters

World Nature Conservation Day recently passed, yet deadly heat waves, wildfires, and flash floods are currently wreaking havoc across the world, causing loss of life in the four digits, damage to natural and human habitats, and widespread displacement. Consequently, these disasters disproportionately affect those from low-income communities and developing nations who are least likely to have the resources to prevent the everyday impacts of climate change and recover from increasingly frequent and destructive environmental catastrophes.

The Business Case for Climate Action

Climate action marcher with a cardboard sign reading "THERE ARE NO JOBS ON A DEAD PLANET."
Credit: Markus Spiske

Businesses must actively work to undo the damage they are in part responsible for inflicting – and we can’t wait for top-down measures or climate accords to get serious about it. However, you can be part of the movement toward a cleaner, safer future by pushing your company to go beyond green marketing and faraway long-term goals and treat this issue with the urgency and accountability it demands.

Encourage your employer to be proactive by putting the considerable weight of their resources, capital, and talent behind climate action. One way you can do this is through sustainability skills-based volunteering collaborations with subject matter experts, including community changemakers like smaller, local environmental nonprofits. Such organizations are working tirelessly to develop innovative, proven solutions that have an outsized impact on climate change. With your support, they can optimize and scale their programming, strengthen their advocacy work, and create the change our world desperately needs.

Reach out to learn more about skills-based volunteering as climate action or join our upcoming climate justice Skills for Cities event.