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NVIDIAns Support ChickTech’s Mission 

In a recent interview with Authority Magazine, Leila Saad, the CEO of Common Impact, shared her career journey and the organization’s mission, emphasizing the importance of corporate-nonprofit collaborations to create a positive impact. Common Impact contributes to the social impact sector by empowering employees to utilize their professional skills to support nonprofits.  

Syeda Hiba Naqvi

Today’s culture has demanded and generated more activity in dealing with areas of long-standing social issues, than ever before. More synergy is needed between the social, corporate and governmental spheres to efficiently tackle these challenges and deliver impact.

Volunteer Spotlight: Alexa Tang, Arity

After just one skills-based volunteering event, Alexa Tang felt the pull to continue giving back in this meaningful way. The opportunity to utilize her specialized expertise and talent to optimize operations and amplify the impact of mission-driven organizations was a perfect fit for her boundless energy and collaborative mindset.

Alana Francis de Govia

Our future depends upon how well we connect, learn from, and advance our mutually reinforcing capabilities. This is the intersection where Common Impact excels. Our innovative programs leverage the purpose and expertise between business and nonprofits to impact society at large.

Skills for Cities: Bringing the Power of ProBono to Texas

Texas is a thriving hub for nonprofit innovators, social entrepreneurs, and community builders working towards social equity. As the demand for community services continues to increase, so does the need for greater capacity and stronger, more resilient infrastructure for nonprofits to deliver on their missions.  Common Impact’s skills-based volunteering event, Skills for Cities, utilized cross-sector …

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