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We're always thinking, reading, and talking about skills-based volunteering and social impact.

We believe skills-based volunteering and cross-sector partnerships are a powerful force for change in communities. Our thought leadership and field building work is driven by our goal to seed systemic change and bring skilled volunteering to all communities.


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Amplifying stories of the impact, nonprofit success and business wins that come from pro bono programs.


Thought Leadership

Our latest research and thinking about purpose, corporate social responsibility, equity, community change, and the role of skills-based volunteering.


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Join CEO Danielle Holly as she talks with cross-sector leaders about social impact, equity, and creating positive community change.


Our latest and greatest thinking for the good of the sector.

Thought Leadership

To truly catalyze the connected communities, social change, and more equitable communities we want to see, Common Impact shares our research and resources with the broader field. Here’s some of the latest:

Find fresh thinking.


Listen in as leaders from across sectors talk equity, impact, and purpose .

Pro Bono Perspectives Podcast

Join CEO Danielle Holly and leaders from across the nonprofit, corporate, and civic sectors for real conversations about leadership, social justice, how companies can do good better, the importance of levity, and much more.

Don’t miss guests like Vu Le (NonprofitAF), Edgar Villanueva (The Decolonizing Wealth Project), Yusuf George (JUST Capital), Amy Smith (TOMS), Chef Julia Turshen, Sally Holmes (Marie Claire), Wendy John (Fidelity Investments) and Greg Baldwin (VolunteerMatch).

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The Latest


Common Impact and MetLife Foundation Host ‘Skills for Cities’ to Leverage the Power of Pro Bono for Advancing Climate Action and Racial Equity Initiatives

Skills for Cities connects corporate volunteers with leading nonprofits focused on climate justice, racial equity, and sustainability to find solutions to their most pressing capacity-building challenges.

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