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Optimizing mission delivery through smarter systems at The Greater Boston Food Bank

The project, from start to finish, was a pleasure. It was professionally planned and executed with routine check-ins and serious attention given to deadlines. With such an engaged team, we could not have gotten better service and care if we had been paying the considerable consulting dollars!

Carol Tienken

COO, Greater Boston Food Bank

Services We Provided

Team Consulting - Ranging from weeks to months in duration, team consulting involves a functional or cross-functional group of volunteers focused on a defined nonprofit challenge.

The Challenge

The Greater Boston Food Bank (GBFB) aims to end hunger in Eastern MA by providing 36.4 million pounds of food to 600 small, medium and large human service agencies such as food pantries, after-school programs, senior feeding programs and homeless shelters. In order to achieve the goal of distributing more pounds of food and taking into account their continued growth, the GBFB wanted to evaluate their current transportation management systems to allow for more efficient use of their fleet of trucks to meet their food delivery and pick up obligations.

The Solution

Common Impact mobilized a team of operations and business analysis experts from Eagle Investment Systems to support the GBFB in this effort. The team 1) analyzed the GBFB’s current transportation management system, 2) researched alternative transportation management software and, 3) recommended and defined the software specifications that would best meet the GBFB’s goals as well as optimize value.

Our Impact

Working elbow-to-elbow with the GBFB over the course of five months, Eagle Investments delivered a clear roadmap for a packaged, supported system that will enable them to meet their mission more effectively. Once the new system is in place, GBFB expects an increase in the amount of food delivered by 14% in a span of six months.


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