What We Do

Talent Development

Developing Employees

Our talent development programs typically feature teams of selected company associates acting upon a scoped, specific organizational challenge of a specific nonprofit organization over the course of 4-6 months.  Associates dedicate between 2-4 hours per week to these consulting engagements while developing leadership, functional and workplace skills. Projects cover a wide range of focus areas, including human resources, marketing, technology, operations, finance and strategy.

The People


New to the workforce, millenials are eager to learn the functional and workplace skills that will help them build their career.  Milennials are also interested in knowing that their company and their work is connected to the larger social good.  Common Imapct designs programs for millenials that hone their functional, collaborative, and team building skills to put them on a path to a successful career.  Learn more about Recruiting Gen Y

Emerging Leaders

Emerging leaders are your company’s future.  Between five to fifteen years into their career, high potential employees are looking to complement their functional expertise with the leadership skills needed to elevate their career.  Our most popular programs for emerging leaders test their functional skills by asking them to apply those skills in a new environment, while fostering innovation, ability to influence, and executive presence.  Learn more about Developing Leaders

Senior Leaders

Senior leaders, deep into their careers, are often seeking opportunities to keep their talents and perspectives fresh.  Common Impact designs programs that allow senior leaders to apply their expertise  in a new environment, increasing their flexibility and ability to innovate within their company. Learn more about Executive Mentoring

Remote Office Employees

As companies expand their remote and multi-site presence, a workforce that is skilled in remote communication, collaboration and decision making is in high demand.  Common Impact’s remote office programs help employees “put a face” on their colleagues from across the nation and the globe, while building the skills and relationships they need to enable your business to run smoothly across offices. Learn more about Building Cross-Cultural Communities


The Skills

Common Impact’s programs support the developing of almost any skill you’re looking to buid in your employees. We focus our design, implemention and measurement services on the competencies listed below.