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Our Services

Social Impact Consulting  Program Management  Training

Common Impact equips nonprofits to achieve even greater results for communities by engaging corporate employees in dynamic and challenging volunteer opportunities that develop their skills and unlock successful purpose-driven careers. Learn about our virtual volunteering models.


Social Impact Consulting

For companies developing a corporate social responsibility (CSR) or skills-based volunteer program for the first time or expanding the impact of an existing program

Our consulting services help your company build an integrated and sustainable employee engagement or skilled volunteering program that delivers value for your associates, your company, and nonprofit partners. We begin by working with you to identify philanthropic, employee engagement, talent management, and training goals. We then design a program, operational strategy, and evaluation tactics to deliver and measure results.

Program Management

For companies looking for support in implementing a successful skills-based program

Our program management and implementation services support companies and social change organizations in running skills-based programs at all stages and levels of scale. Common Impact support can include finding and qualifying nonprofit partners, scoping and defining sustainable projects, oversight and managing the project for success, and evaluating the project impact for the company, employee, and nonprofit organization. This service is targeted to companies that want to build or maintain a robust skills-based program, but aren't able to dedicate ongoing internal resources to running the program. Learn more about our virtual volunteering models.

Hotline (1 hour)

When time is at a premium for both volunteers and nonprofits, the pro bono hotline offers rapid response support for crisis situations or a quick injection of advice for capacity-strapped organizations via a one-hour consultation. Learn more about the hotline model.

Day of Service (4-8 hours)

This model consists of 4-8 hours of team-based consulting conducted in a single day, either as Flash Consulting (where corporate teams are matched to nonprofit challenges that align to the volunteers’ collective skill set) or a Pitch Competition (where multiple volunteer teams compete to create the best solution to a nonprofit challenge).

Team Consulting (6 weeks – 6 months)

Ranging from weeks to months in duration, team consulting involves a functional or cross-functional group of corporate volunteers focused on a defined nonprofit challenge. Team consulting is largely virtual and built into the employee workday.

Coaching (2 hours/month)

A mid- or senior-level corporate employee provides guidance on a strategic or early-stage challenge. This can take the form of direct one-on-one coaching with a nonprofit executive or coaching a junior team of corporate skills-based volunteers.

Sabbatical (immersion)

A corporate employee provides a nonprofit with full-time, on-site support for a period of six weeks to one year. Sabbaticals indicate a deep investment in an issue area or organization. They can be a powerful CSR differentiator for a company, as well as a valuable talent and leadership development opportunity for the employee.


Training and Tool Development for Companies

We develop custom training platforms and tools to support companies in running, evaluating, and growing their programs internally. These train-the-trainer platforms include multimedia trainings, program management tools and materials, industry resources, and customized integration with the current training platforms that exist within a company. Ultimately, these platforms equip internal pro bono programs with the expertise needed to run with little external support.

Virtual Education

Through a single or series of virtual convenings, skilled volunteers with a specific expertise can support a timely, sector-wide need, such as financial scenario planning or crisis communication. Nonprofit leaders gain fresh information and insight to move their missions forward.

Board Training and Matching

Serving on a nonprofit board of directors is an attractive opportunity for corporate leaders who wish to make a strategic investment in an issue area or organization. Common Impact offers board training and matching programs to equip corporate professionals for effective board service and connect them with the right nonprofit organization.

Some of Our Specialties

Talent Development

Common Impact’s community based action-learning programs support a broad range of corporate talent development efforts. Whether your organization is trying to build the functional skills of early career employees, develop the leadership abilities of your high-potential cohort, or foster cohesion and collaboration among remote offices, our programs can help you achieve tangible, measureable outcomes. Learn more about Talent Development services.

Best Practices Workshops

We provide customized training for company executives who want to maximize employee engagement at all levels of their company.

Outsourced Program Management

We manage some or all of the operational components of your employee engagement programs.

Impact Measurement

We utilize tailored metrics and a proprietary SROI model to assess the social and business value of your human capital investments.

Executive Coaching

Senior leaders are matched to a nonprofit executive to provide strategic guidance on a specific organizational challenge. Through this one-on-one coaching model, senior leaders are pulled out of their comfort zone to apply their deep expertise in a new environment. Meanwhile, the nonprofit executive benefits from the functional acumen and external perspective of the coach.

Regional and Cross-Company Collaborations and Events

Common Impact convenes multiple companies and organizations to address a challenge specific to a region. Partner with other companies in your area or industry to expand the breadth and depth of your pro bono impact at once. Read more about our annual Skills for Cities event.

Day of Service Workshops and Seminars

Teams of associates provide pro bono expertise to a group of nonprofits that share a similar challenge. Best practices and latest trends in a specific functional area are highlighted.