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Insights & Impact 2019: Disaster Response – From Relief to Resiliency

The past several years have seen an unprecedented uptick in catastrophic natural and man-made disasters. In fact, 2017 brought the highest costs on record for U.S. weather and climate disasters, exceeding $306 billion. Additionally, man-made disasters such as mass shootings, the expanding lead water crises, and the detention of immigrant communities on the southern U.S. border require that communities respond immediately and collaboratively.

The corporate sector has responded to this rising need with a significant increase in investment. However, most investment to date has been focused on donation drives and financial support to address immediate relief efforts.

But there is a stronger, more strategic role that companies can play. New research, tools and case studies from Common Impact reveal the critical role pro bono service can play in helping communities invest in long-term recovery and resilience.

Common Impact’s report Insights & Impact: Disaster Response – From Relief to Resiliency outlines how companies can leverage their strongest philanthropic asset – the talents, know-how and passions of their people – to help communities recover from and prepare for the next disaster more effectively.

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