Nonprofit Leaders

Thinking about engaging skills-based volunteers? Here are some tools to help you make the most of skills-based support!

Pro Bono Hotline

Unlock an hour of expert advisory support for whatever organizational challenge you face For most social impact leaders, there are never enough hours in the Keep reading

Capacity Commons

The skills-based volunteering resource hub Capacity Commons is designed to be a one-stop shop for skills-based volunteerism. The new, free online platform provides organizations with Keep reading

Pro Bono Calculator

By Lauren Chasanoff and Molly Weinstrin

It can be challenging for organizations to quantify the discrete impact of a pro bono intervention. That said, being able to cite the monetary value Keep reading

Project Readiness Wizard

Skills-based volunteering projects yield transformational results – if they’re properly planned and prioritized. Take Capacity Commons' Project Readiness Assessment to receive an Keep reading