Corporate Leaders

Looking to grow a skills-based volunteering initiative at your company? Check out our tools on how to build and scale a program that benefits your community, your employees and your company.

Charles Schwab Pro Bono Challenge

Schwab's skills-based volunteering program invites local nonprofits to work with experienced Schwab employees on specific business challenges, enabling these high-impact organizations to do even more good. This… Keep reading

Podcast: Transformation of CSR

In this episode of the Champions for Social Good Podcast, Jamie Serino, Director of Marketing for the MicroEdge Division of Blackbaud speaks with Common Impact's CEO, Danielle Holly about our work… Keep reading

The Big Idea

The story, business case, and metrics in an easy-to-use presentation to help you socialize and educate your team on SBV programs Keep reading

Small Business, Big Purpose

A guide to SBV that demonstrates how small business employers can to tap into their employee’s skillsets, attract and retain employees and create a purpose-driven… Keep reading