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S2E19: Gregg Betheil, PENCIL

September 1, 2020 | 30 min listen

We need to be more explicit about understanding the systemic roots of these challenges and not just helping individual students beat the odds. Our work really needs to be about how do we contribute to changing the odds so that more students live in a city where their opportunities match their ambitions.

Gregg Betheil is President of PENCIL, a NYC-based education nonprofit that brings together business partners and educators to develop strategies that disrupt current college and career readiness outcomes and help public school students succeed. Gregg joins host Danielle Holly for a conversation on back-to-school amidst the continuing pandemic, virtual education, and the deepening digital divide that is preventing millions of students from continuing their schooling.

Gregg shares how PENCIL is stepping up to ensure NYC public school students have the opportunities they need to succeed, how the organization pivoted to virtual when COVID-19 first closed schools and office buildings, and what the future of education may hold, both in the next few months and after the pandemic has passed.

Visit pencil.org to learn more.

S2E19: Gregg Betheil, PENCIL