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S3E24: Teresa Pelletier, Fidelity Investments & Wendy Matheny, Ichor Strategies

November 30, 2021 | 35 min listen

[Fidelity is] making incredible strides and building transformational relationships at every level. They’re seeing social and financial returns on their [racial equity] investment that will certainly make an impact in how communities and customers and stakeholders see their business.

Get an inside look at the tactics top companies are using to build more inclusive, equitable culture and support the fight against racism in their communities. Find out how your organization can move from transactional to transformative change and strengthen employee and customer loyalty in the process. Plus, as we approach the end of year giving season, learn what equity-minded philanthropy and service look like and how they drive stronger results for nonprofits and their causes.

Guests Teresa Pelletier, Vice President of Community Relations at Fidelity Investments, and Wendy Matheny, Vice President & Principal with Ichor Strategies, a national social impact and community engagement consultancy, cover these topics, their racial equity listening tour, community-first partnerships, and more.