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S1E38 ENCORE: Tim Smith, The Boston Foundation

December 3, 2019 | 30 min listen

There is more engagement, more folks joining boards, wanting to volunteer, wanting to work for social impact companies whose business models are to give back.

Happy Giving Tuesday! In honor of this exciting day of charity, we’re returning to host Danielle Holly’s conversation with Tim Smith, Senior Director of The Boston Foundation and Head of Pledge 1% Boston. Tim and Danielle discuss the importance of strategic cross-sector partnerships and how philanthropy includes much more than just donating money, like volunteering and giving resources or expertise.

Before joining The Boston Foundation and Pledge 1%, Tim was the Executive Director of Full Circle Fund. He is a member of GreenLight Fund’s Boston Selection Advisory Council and serves on the Board of Directors for Tech Goes Home and New England International Donors.

Visit tbf.org to learn more about The Boston Foundation and pledge1boston.org for the Boston chapter of Pledge 1%.

Episode 38: Tim Smith