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S1E23: Marcy Scott Lynn, Facebook

June 11, 2019 | 32 min listen

I was motivated by the idea [of] social connections being an important component of bouncing back. That’s what resilience is: bouncing back and being stronger the next time.

Host Danielle Holly is joined by Marcy Scott Lynn, Facebook’s Director of Global Impact Partnerships and a member of nonprofit Camp Tawonga’s Board of Directors. Marcy has scaled Facebook’s social impact work through the implementation of several CSR projects, including rolling out the Safety Check feature, which in the wake of natural and man-made disasters lets users alert their friends and family that they’re safe. Marcy shares that the underlying intention for Safety Check was to find ways to bring people together and leverage human connection to build resiliency. Danielle and Marcy also discuss the importance of unlikely partnerships and working together toward a common North Star, being engaged in our local communities and what it truly means to “think global, act local.”

To learn more about Facebook’s CSR and social impact work, visit newsroom.fb.com/company-info.

Episode 29: Marcy Scott Lynn