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S1E21: Rachael Weiss Riley, Two Sigma Data Clinic

May 14, 2019 | 36 min listen

Do not underestimate the value and the asset of your unique skills, whatever they may be.

Pro Bono Perspectives host and Common Impact CEO Danielle Holly is joined by Two Sigma Data Clinic Director Rachael Weiss Riley to discuss the role of data in skills-based corporate philanthropy and why communication, collaboration and mindfulness are essential for conducting insightful research and becoming an effective “data storyteller.” Conscious of the fact that collecting data can be daunting at first, Rachael encourages organizations to take small steps to create a data-driven strategy that they can build on over time.

To learn more about how Two Sigma Data Clinic leverages research, models and metrics to bring people together to overcome societal challenges, visit twosigma.com/about/data-clinic.

Episode 21: Rachael Weiss Riley