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S1E18: Greg Baldwin, VolunteerMatch

April 2, 2019 | 33 min listen

I’m always delighted and surprised by the breadth and depth of opportunities out there for people to get involved… There’s just so much more variety for people to find something that’s a real fit with their own interests and passions than there was 20 years ago.

In this episode of Pro Bono Perspectives, Common Impact CEO Danielle Holly and VolunteerMatch CEO Greg Baldwin reflect on the advantages and challenges of living in an age of unprecedented volunteering opportunities. Greg reveals how VolunteerMatch is taking strategic risks in order to stay competitive in the digital age and elevate the value of service experiences, both for volunteers and the organizations they support. VolunteerMatch now offers YourMatch™, a corporate volunteer management tool that provides access to an open network of 100k+ nonprofits as well as customizable homepage designs, personalized dashboards, easy-to-use reporting, and top-notch client support.

To learn more about VolunteerMatch or to find service opportunities near you, visit https://www.volunteermatch.org.

Episode 18: Greg Baldwin