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S1E01: Carol Cone, Carol Cone ON PURPOSE

September 18, 2018 | 42 min listen

I was never in this for the money, I was always in it for the work. Because if you did amazing work, everything else would follow.

Carol Cone, a name many of you may recognize as she has been called “arguably the most powerful and visible figure in the world of Cause Branding.”  Carol founded Cone, Inc., led Edelman’s Business + Social Purpose practice and most recently founded Carol Cone ON PURPOSE as a return to her entrepreneurial roots and life passion: to educate, inspire and accelerate purpose programs and impact for organizations, nonprofits and individuals around the globe.

Interested in learning more about Carol and her work at Carol Cone ON PURPOSE? Sign up for their newsletter, Purposeful Connections, tune into their new podcast, Purpose 360 launching this October and watch a video about My Special Aflac Duck to see the impact in action

Episode 1: Carol Cone