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S2E07: Cheryl Timoney, Salesforce.org

April 7, 2020 | 31 min listen

I’ve had so many employees from every part of the world reach out [about Salesforce.org's pro bono program]. I see them organizing themselves to support customers, I see them building new solutions, I see them coming up with all kinds of really creative ways to help our sector. It’s been so heartening to witness all the ways our employees and people in general are finding ways to help each other.

Cheryl Timoney, Salesforce.org’s Senior Director of Tech for Social Impact, joins host Danielle Holly to discuss Salesforce.org’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, including ongoing pro bono support for nonprofit and education partners. Cheryl reflects on how this moment in time has made clear the power of virtual volunteering, both as a disaster response tool and a democratic way to engage employees for good.

Cheryl also talks about Salesforce.org’s new endeavor Impact Labs, how her cross-sector career led to her current role at the helm of Salesforce’s social impact work, what the “new normal” is doing to shift perceptions of work-life balance and why it’s more important than ever to appreciate everyday victories.

To learn more about Salesforce.org and its pro bono program, visit salesforce.org/volunteers/probono.

S2E7: Cheryl Timoney, Salesforce.org