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S2E05: Cecily Joseph, Net Impact

March 10, 2020 | 33 min listen

The talent is there, but we need to proactively go out and look for it and we also need to be thoughtful about creating diverse entry points for talent.

Cecily Joseph is a CSR powerhouse with a rich career across the private and social sectors. Cecily is Chair of the Board of Directors at Net Impact and was formerly Vice President of Corporate Responsibility at Symantec and the head of its foundation. At Symantec, Cecily oversaw ESG program development and implemented initiatives focused on bringing underrepresented groups – including women and people of color – into the technology sector. Cecily is an ongoing champion for diversity and inclusion who has pioneered numerous programs to increase equity within Symantec and society at large.

To learn more about Net Impact and Cecily’s work on the board, visit netimpact.org.

S2E5: Cecily Joseph, Net Impact